Fru - Kill Passion (Official Lyric Video) 

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Second Single off the Album "Coldest Days in 20 Years". In times like these we need each other and we definitely need to stand up for our rights in this crazy ass society. Watch

Fru "Cry Baby Era" (Official Music Video) 

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"How do I survive this Cry Baby Era, y'all niggas is so so so sensitive" Just a basic outdoor video I put together for your viewing pleasure, clearly I need better video treatments lmao…

Fru "Impeccable Tranquility" (Stream & Spin) 

New Single : Fru - Impeccable Tranquility

Brand new year,brand new vibes and brand new music from Maryland rapper Fellow Rebellious Underdog. Fru has been in the studio working on his upcoming album "Coldest Days in 20 Years" and here…

@LFEntRadio Presents: FRU was Here! (Episode 5- 18) #Throwback 

Legendary Forever Entertainment (LF-Ent) Brings you brand new music, topics, comedy, and updates on all of our live events! From underground all the way to mainstream we have it all! Hosted by Chicago's very own "Mr.5150", "The Prince Ares"…

Music : Fru - Revelations (unreleased)


Recently unreleased track added to the Album "Until Nature Calls" which dropped back in 2007. Song was recorded in 2007 as well and produced by Jrob.