New Single : Mozambique Sunset 

Third Single off Fru's Long Awaited Album "Since 1980" , "Mozambique Sunset" is just a depiction of what a week off from the senseless violence in our neighborhoods could feel like. Stream it , Purchase it. Much Appreciated.

New Single : Fru - Georgia Ave (Exclusive)  

"Georgia Avenue begins north of Florida Avenue, which was the boundary of the Old City, and is a continuation of 7th Street. Traveling northward, the street passes Howard University and Fort Stevens. At Eastern Avenue, the road crosses into…

Fru - 20 Underground Hits

Here is a compilation of 20 great songs from Maryland  Independent Rap Artist Fru (Fellow Rebellious Underdog) .

@LFEntRadio Presents: FRU was Here! (Episode 5- 18) #Throwback 

Legendary Forever Entertainment (LF-Ent) Brings you brand new music, topics, comedy, and updates on all of our live events! From underground all the way to mainstream we have it all! Hosted by Chicago's very own "Mr.5150", "The Prince Ares"…

Fru - Kill Passion (Official Lyric Video) 

Click Image to Watch!!!

Second Single off the Album "Coldest Days in 20 Years". In times like these we need each other and we definitely need to stand up for our rights in this crazy ass society. Watch