Fru (Fellow Rebellious Underdog)

Fru (Fellow Rebellious Underdog) is an American rapper from Maryland. He gained attention online in 2013 from his Mixtape "I'm going back Vol 1." hosted by DJ Superstar Jay. Ever since then he has released 3 independent projects building a catalogue worth listening to. On February 26 2016 Fru released his album "Hopeless Options Positive Energy" which has no features and focuses on the social injustice black people have been facing and at the end of that same year he also released his latest album "Catch Me Now". But his 2014 release "Polished Misfit Ep" is still his most successful project.
Born Fred Fru on April 22nd 1980 at Harris County Memorial Hospital in Houston,Texas with roots in Cameroon; a country of central and west Africa, he moved to Maryland in his teens where he resided with his aunt momentarily. Unfortunately he succumbed to the streets after a series of altercations involving his estranged relatives. After getting fired from his job,a few months after his 21st birthday Fru took off to Los Angeles where he had a very short lived acting career mostly as an extra and set worker. But frustrated with the outcome of his endeavors he returned back to Maryland. Homeless and destitute however on and off over the years and heavily induced in street life, this college dropout started writing poetry which later on transformed into full blown raps. He performed at various open mic venues within the Washington D.C Metropolitan area and with a little hesitation in the beginning the public finally received him with open arms however chanting high praise for his musical talents.

Already a fixture in the DMV underground scene,he held down various odd jobs as well as hustling. Despite all his connections and prospects shockingly none of those situations panned out including an offer from Def Jam records in 2005. As a result, with a little support from White Sands Entertainment he released his independent debut album "Until Nature Calls" which included a music video for his first single titled "living again" thus creating an even more expanding buzz within his local surroundings. But after surviving a near fatal accident in 2007 where his car was rear ended and totaled by an 18 Wheeler while on his way to the studio, he then recognized his true worth and decided to seriously pursue a career in music.