A promising young man, estranged from his family who then found himself at the mercy of the streets. Through his love for poetry, Fru was then able to build himself back up again to an ’emerging’ rapper with a promising career.”



Fellow Rebellious Underdog


Fru (Fellow Rebellious Underdog) is an American rapper from Maryland. He gained attention online in 2013 from his Mixtape "I'm going back Vol 1." hosted by DJ Superstar Jay. Ever since then he has released 3 independent projects building a catalogue worth listening to. On February 26 2016 Fru released his album "Hopeless Options Positive Energy" which has no features and focuses on the social injustice black people have been facing and at the end of that same year he also released his latest album "Catch Me Now". But his 2014 release "Polished Misfit Ep" is still his most successful project.

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