Fru catches up with iNoslen Radio

Reunited and it feels so good! Welcome back to the iNoslen Radio Show. This is Vibe Essential. Host, Noslen brought FRU back onto the show. The last time FRU was on the show was two years ago! So there's a lot of catching up to do. The vet emcee has made some changes for the good for his career. Ironically, one of Noslen's favorite FRU tracks is entitled "Changes," which was a somewhat autobiography of FRU life at that time. Now he's back and better, growing a new fan base and he admits that building a new one took a while to get. This part of the interview is a real gem for upcoming artists. So please pay attention. FRU talks about the current state of hip hop and about the young rappers who are respecting the culture and those who aren't. You don't want to miss this discussion. Overall, this is an insightful and fun interview. There's a new Artist Spotlight and for this Sunday it goes to Mista Jay and Pace Won. Find out more about this artist during the show. If you want to be a guest on the iNoslen Radio Show, simply email your EPK to Stay tuned and press play for another great show! Read More!!

Interview with FRU (Fellow Rebellious Underdog)

Emerging hip hop performer F.R.U ( Fellow rebellious underdog ) oozes confidence, and while swagger is nothing new to the game, FRU is on the verge of giving birth to a track record worth backing up. With a natural flair for almost cinematic song construction, he has flipped the hip hop negative with emphatic, unprecedented progression. He also wields a rare gift for revealing psychologically intimate details of his own inner self. With exquisite care and a surgically precise gift for exploitation, FRU is absolutely one of those up and coming artist capable of representing a musical and cultural breakthrough. I you like to know more  then tune in. Read More!!


"In my opinion if any indie artist says there are not looking or attempting to be on a major label it just sounds ridiculous to me. Of course I would love to be on a major label mainly because as an independent it's a definitely a limit to how many people you are going to reach but on the other hand not having creative control is the downside of being on a major label. But at the same time I'm going to keep doing my thing regardless if that comes along or not." Read More!!

On the Come up Interview with Fru

Fru the up-and-coming hit new talent from the DMV, specifically from Washington, D.C. is on his grind. Staying real to himself and producing quality hip-hop, this emcee is here to show why the good music survives and the nonsense fades. The industry is full of fakes and with Fru knowing this, he keeps his game sharp and tells the truth in his music for the everyday common man. With his hot new record out, “Nobody Gon Change,” Fru has one good example of how this DMV emcee is keeping it real for the streets.


Check out the latest interview as we speak with Fru. He tells us his story coming up in DMV and if he’s competitive enough to match with today’s current stars.Read More

GP Radio Interview with Fru

GP Radio based in Australia reaches out to Fru to discuss his recently released EP Album "Polished Misfit", the current growing independent music industry in the DMV (D.C ,Maryland & Virginia)  Listen here