New Album : Fru - Hopeless Options Positive Energy (Album) drops February 26


"Hopeless Options Positive Energy"  drops on February 26 on all digital markets including iTunes and Google Play. 

I had some thoughts, I had some experiences and I wrote about it in this 10 track LP Album. From the hardships we face as black men in the US including police brutality to the pitfalls of growing up in impoverished neighborhoods.  "Hopeless Options Positive Energy" was made to uplift our spirits especially during these hard times. 

Track Listing 

1. Dysfunctional Ni**a 

2. Re-defined 

3. Resilience 

4. Get it Right  

5. More Than One Way 

6. Truth about U 

7. City of Inspiration  

8. A Million Dollarz 

9. Bible and A Gun 

10. Never Forget it 

You can now download the Single "A Million Dollarz" on ITunes now. 
And while you're at it Watch the Video here. The next single is called "Get it Right" and will be available on the Album "Hopeless Options Positive Energy" Pre-Order  The video for "get it right" will be available pretty soon as well. I'm sorry I don't have any features on this Album. I just went in with a vibe and intimate thoughts and recorded these 10 tracks. I'm an indie artist anyway lol whats the worst that could happen. If you get a chance on feb 26 just stream it on YouTube and if you like please support a brother on iTunes. 



  • showoff
    showoff washington
    looking forward to the new album bro!!

    looking forward to the new album bro!!

  • gstatus
    gstatus Maryland
    I like that million dollar track, I'm def coping

    I like that million dollar track, I'm def coping

  • Fru
    appreciate it fellas

    appreciate it fellas

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