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Same streets you glamorize
These lives you jeopardize
Dopeboyz you analyze
Wanted to be them guys
From a birds eyed view
Couldn’t see past 25
Thoughts of G’5s
Thinking of getting Fly
But niggas will settle for flipping burgers
Hit 30 Got Nervous
Pushing my life further
In a city full of murders
Go broke or have a baby by Keisha
My worst nightmare
Uncle Sam don’t fight fair
Niggas die over Nike airs
Ain’t no sympathy over here for black tears
Call me repetitive dwelling on the struggle
But it feels so good when living in a bubble
On the other side of town
With a million stacks
it’s kinda hard to stay humble
Only on some freak shit
I would end up in cuffs
Like a stick to a truck
Oh yeah I kept that shit tuck ugh

The feeling like you ran out of luck
Everyday I wake up
With a new purpose to cut
And it’s all fake
If the love ain’t unconditional
Battling too many demons
Had to get spiritual with
The drive and ambition to kill
A Nice guy still
A local With a mass appeal
How we move with no sense of direction
Over hyped fashion
Ignorant passion see
My young’uns say
Where do we go from here
Does anybody care
I been grinding for years
I ain’t see a fuckin’ dollar here
I say go ahead bang my nigga
Go ahead scam my nigga
If you want it fast my nigga
Or lose a quarter of your life
For being a dumb ass nigga
I rather work a 9-5 and be a bum ass nigga
Fuckin’ regular bitches
and eating whoppers nigga
If you dying to get rich
Then you ain’t worthy nigga
I hustle 5 times as hard just to get this far
Trust me
They don’t even make this hard no more
I know my intellect hurt your spirit
I’m Godly with it
None of you fools would admit it
Nothing facetious
Right in your face and viscous
Off that liquor
Stupid like a box of scissors
Dope like Gza
They say I would never change
But word to Marlo
My name is my name ugh