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The Verdict (Interlude)

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Take your time

Times ticking
What you gon do
Get off your ass
Nigga show em some proof
Been 20 plus years
been making these moves
Been walking a straight line
With pushing these tunes
What’s the verdict nigga
What’s the verdict
Getting older makes me nervous
For every time they curved us
I got courteous
Recognize these blessings
Never got complacent
Never let a judge bang the gavel on me
I done made this far no case on me
Never got affected by a cold ass bitch
No child support scheming around me
Sucker free
Prolly too toxic for a good woman
Or too narcissistic to be a parent
Apparently nobody gave me shot
Criticize me a lot
A few suckers wanna see me in a box
I pray for you niggas
You laugh in your face
Wanna stab you in the back ass niggas
I ain’t mad at ya
Cuz I know that hate get sicker
With the bag getting bigger
But these blood sweat and tears
Finna make your heart colder
With no shoulder to cry on
Sad song

What’s the verdict nigga
Getting older make me nervous
Going further

And I doubt it if they heard us
Cuz we here for a purpose
Ever since 17 I was an earner
At 19 I cop my first burner
At 22 I learn 2 lessons
Never strap if you ain’t gon squeeze
Never go to war with a nigga
Ready to bleed
At 23 I tried to get up out of these streets
At 25 my man big mo got shot
At 26 my man life got knocked
Free my nigga Haz
He got caught with some bricks
Gotdamn I tried to get him up outta that shit
But you live and you learn
About to hit 40 still waiting my turn
The battle with what it means to make it ugh
Middle child never was the favorite
I played it
All the games in the world
Trying to get to the plug

So what’s the verdict nigga
What’s the verdict nigga

Going further , going further