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Fru catches up with iNoslen Radio

Reunited and it feels so good! Welcome back to the iNoslen Radio Show. This is Vibe Essential. Host, Noslen brought FRU back onto the show. The last time FRU was on the show was two years ago! So there's a…

New Music: Fru - Levitate


In this 808 heavy tune Fru reflects on his past life and regrets. Levitate is another track off Fru's New Album "Catch Me Now"

New Music : Fru - Santa Monica Blvd

In 2001 I moved to LA, Spent most of my days on Santa Monica beach and clubbing around West Hollywood but it was short lived because I came back to Maryland in 2002. So I made a Song about it.

Throwback: Fru - This Boy's Life LP (2003)


Here is my first Album I recorded in between 2001 - 2003. The sound quality is terrible and the music is terrible but sometimes people have to hear your start to see how far you've…